Andromeda Bullets

By Amy
March 8, 2001 - 1:31 PM

Below you'll find our weekly summary of news on 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda', courtesy of our sister site SlipstreamWeb:

  • Keith Hamilton Cobb Speaks
    Dylanite posted a convention report at the Slipstream BBS. Of interest is talk on the Nietzschean race and culture from Keith Hamilton Cobb (Tyr Anasazi). Click here to find out more!

  • Tyr To Remain Tyr In Season Two
    Cobb again talks about his character and the Nietszcheans in a brief interview with Ian Spelling, in which he promised his character would not grow soft next season.

  • Gordon Michael Woolvett Interview
    Meanwhile, Gordon Michael Woolvett (Seamus Harper) talks about playing the show’s Mr. Fix-it, his impending fatherhood and his character's relationship with Andromeda. "Originally, I was supposed to have this big infatuation with Andromeda. It hasn't gone by the wayside, but we more play the lighter aspect of it. It's not as if my character is truly infatuated with her, it's like he's come to terms with the fact that he's never going to get anywhere with her, but he'll try."

  • Finding The Way - An Interview With Brent Stait
    Interview number three is with the man who plays perhaps the show’s most elusive character, Brent Stait (Rev Bem), in which the actor talks about the internet, science fiction in general and Star Trek.

  • Zack Stentz Interviewed
    Online fanzine Scifidimensions talked to staff writer Zack Stentz about many facets of his work, from how he first got involved with the show to his interactions with the cast, in addition to a few tidbits about one of their upcoming episodes, 'Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way', in which "Harper and Trance take a road trip and meet up with their old enemy Gerentex [and] wackiness ensues."

  • 'Music Of A Distant Drum' Ratings Drop
    For the second week of February sweeps, Andromeda's ratings dropped a bit, with 'Music of a Distant Drum' earning a 3.6 rating, though it still managed to hold on to its position as the highest syndicated action show.

  • 'Forced Perspective':
    Several features have appeared on this recent episode. Heather Jarman's review of the episode, in which the SlipstreamWeb resident rated it a solid B, can be found here, while the Cynic’s review, where he rated it a 7, can be found by following this link. O.Deus of TrekWeb wasn’t pleased with the episode at all in his review, though Mania’s Michelle Erica Green thought it was superb. Lady Maigrey has 115 screencaptures of the episode, as well as a synopsis and some sound files, the Andromeda Realm also has 139 screencaptures from the episode.

  • The Sum Of Its Parts:
    TrekWeb’s review of the episode by O.Deus can be found here while Michael Marek of Cinescape has posted his review of the episode. Also, once again Lady Maigrey‘s Andromeda Ascendant has new screencaps, soundbytes and a synopsis, while the Andromeda Realm has even more screenshots.

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