News Bullets

By Amy
February 8, 2001 - 6:46 PM

  • Former Trek scribe Ronald D. Moore's latest project, 'Dragonriders', based on the series of books by the same name by prolific author Anne McCaffrey, has gotten the green light from Warner Brothers for the fall season.

  • After all the hype and speculation, the official site has posted the first picture of the un-veiled mystery billboard. No, that black spotís not Earth, or a Borg cube, or anything similar Ė itís the Voyager crew. To see the picture and get a little more information on the billboard, follow this link.

  • The latest edition of Original Series actor George Takei's (Sulu) official site column is up, and the actor discusses what's going on in his life, his latest roles and the Trek legacy. The article can be found here, and thanks go out to TrekWeb for showing the way.

  • Psi Phi's Books Database has done another round of updates to their Deep Space Nine Relaunch section. The sixth chracter profile, for Ensign Thirishar "Shar" ch'Thane has been added, in addition to new quotes being added to the Characters, Plots and Situations, and Schedule and Timeline pages, as well as Lt. Ro's page.

  • The Great Link has posted a snippet from latest issue of Starburst Magazine today, which features an interview with Voyager's Jeri Ryan, where the actress talks about 'Human Error'.

  • The latest edition of the Optical Data network is out, containing the usual thorough round-up of all the latest Trek news. For those who aren't suscribed to the newsletter, you can find it here on the web.

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