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Ryan On 'Human Error'

By Amy
February 8, 2001 - 4:54 PM

Few Voyager episodes in recent times seem to have caused as much controversy among the fan community as the only recently finished filming ‘Human Error’, the episode where Seven of Nine sets out to explore her sexuality. Perhaps only mildly controversial in itself, the episode has been confirmed, first by Robert Beltran (Chakotay) and now by Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), to contain a kiss between the two characters (or, at least, between Seven and a holographic Chakotay), a move viewed with hostility by more than just a few, from relationshippers to those who believe that with the recent Chakotay-centric episode, ‘Shattered’, the producers are caving into Beltran’s continued attacks against the show. How the episode will turn out, exactly, of course, still remains to be seen, though thanks to P/K All the Way for transcribing Jeri Ryan’s appearance last night on UPN Nine News, we do now have some more information for both that episode and ‘Workforce’.

Jeri tells interviewer Pat Collins that ‘Human Error’ is “a big departure for Seven,” that “she's trying to recapture the feelings of intimacy with someone else that she first experienced”. Wether or not this refers to her first (and last) romance Axum in ‘Unimatrix Zero’ is uncertain, as the interviewer hints that, as well as Captain Janeway, Seven “will also get physical” in ‘Workforce’ and even have a romantic scene.

Back to ‘Human Error’, Ryan confirms that yes it is a hologram of Chakotay that Seven will be smooching and that it’s, scripted at least, a “hot moment”. Exactly how far Seven’s ‘experiments’ will go is still anyone’s guess, though Ryan certainly might be correct in saying that she doesn’t think that “we want to see them jump in bed on the holodeck”, though she does add that “intimacy in all of its forms is something she's trying to explore”. Interestingly enough, another rumour has cropped up, implying that Chakotay is not the only hologram Seven will kiss in the episode. It appears that at a convention on February the third, Manu Intiraymi (Icheb) let slip that apparently Seven will actually kiss the Doctor as well. Whether there is any truth or not to this will have to remain to be seen, and therefore we suggest you take it with a grain of salt or two.

P/K All the Way has both a transcript of the last night’s interview as well as a copy of the clip itself (750kb Real audio) availible for download from the transcript page.

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