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Orci Denies Star Trek XI Rumors

By T'Bonz
January 8, 2008 - 7:40 PM

Roberto Orci posted at several sites recently to respond to rumors about Star Trek XI.

As reported at The Trek Movie Report and Trekweb, Orci responded to rumors from an article posted by Ain't It Cool News which gave plot details of the upcoming Star Trek XI.

"Whoever wrote that piece HAS NOT read the script," said Orci, "and I would trust Nimoy to tell us if we know anything about the Trek universe over just about anybody else." Orci claimed that AICN "for some reason has never liked us. The best example was one of their review for Transformers. I forgot which one of those wannabes wrote it, but it basically said how much they loved the humor, the characters, the sequences, and the structure of the movie, but they hated the script. Classic"

One of the rumors stated that the Enterprise was built at Area 51. Orci said, "No area 51. That makes no sense. The Earth KNOWS there are aliens. What possible meaning could an area 51 have?"

It was also claimed that Kirk was a bad student and the "bad boy" of the Academy, whose graduation ceremony was picketed by protestors carrying signs saying that "Kirk Cheated!". Orci dismissed those rumors easily. "No Kirk as bad student. We all know he's a genius," and "No protesters with signs about anything." He elaborated further on the protestor rumor. "I think I just figured out where that whole picketer thing came from," he said. "The WGA did indeed picket the Star Trek set one day, and some did indeed write "Kirk Cheated" on their WGA strike signs as a joke! So witness reports of seeing that near set are probably true. However, it was an actual strike!"

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