UPN Releases 'Chosen Realm' Promo

By Michelle
January 8, 2004 - 9:17 PM

UPN last night premiered the trailer for the first new Star Trek: Enterprise episode of 2004.

Entitled "Chosen Realm", the episode centers on a group of religious zealots who hijack Enterprise in the hope of using it as a weapon against the enemies of their faith. Roxann Dawson directed from a script by Manny Coto.

The 20-second promo is available for download online courtesy of StarTrek.com and The Daily Trekker. For those with slower connections, here's a transcript:


[Enterprise moves through space.]
[Aliens with pistols stand on the bridge surrounding the crew.]
[Archer glares at someone in the distance.]
[An alien paces angrily in the command center.]
Alien: "My faith obligates me to destroy your ship..."
[T'Pol struggles with two aliens.]
Alien: "...and put your crew to death."


[Text: 'Hijacked...']
[An alien facing T'Pol holds a weapon to Mayweather's head.]
[Phlox stands over a wounded crewman as two aliens push him around.]
[Archer speaks angrily in his ready room.]
Archer: "You're trying to wipe out everyone who doesn't share your beliefs."
[An alien standing in a corridor injects himself with something and is immolated.]
[A fireball burns in the corridor.]


[Text: '...all in the name of God']
[Archer speaks in his ready room.]
Archer: "You wanted to kill someone? Kill me."
[Archer's face fades into a photo of the Enterprise crew.]
[Text: 'Star Trek Enterprise']

The promo can be viewed in streaming Windows Media or Quicktime format at StarTrek.com or downloaded in DivX 5.1 format at The Daily Trekker.

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