Berman, Trinneer Talk Sweeps Month Stories

By Michelle
January 8, 2004 - 3:19 AM

Executive producer Rick Berman hinted that mutiny may be in store for Captain Archer in upcoming Star Trek: Enterprise episodes, and actor Connor Trinneer spoke about the developing relationship between his character, Tucker, and Jolene Blalock's T'Pol.

Speaking to the Star Trek Communicator (via TrekWeb), Berman said that after the events of "Hatchery", which is scheduled to air February 25th and reportedly depicts Archer fighting aggressively to protect Xindi-Insectoid eggs, the storyline "is going to result in a mutiny."

Trinneer spoke about the previously reported romance blossoming in "Harbinger", which will air earlier in February, on the 11th.

"Jolene and I had to find the truth...and how that gets created," the actor said. "We have had a lot of conversations about it. In fact, we shot 'the day after' scene first before we shot the rest of it. We had a lot of conversations about how we could stay true to our characters, and Jolene has the tough job in terms of how to rationalize that with the character traits that are Vulcan."

Berman noted that he was very happy with the writing staff, which now includes Manny Coto and Chris Black, stating that he and Brannon Braga are pleased to have "a team that we can work with, as opposed to have to write [most of the episodes] ourselves."

To read both items, see Communicator issue #148 for the interviews. Thanks to TrekWeb for these excerpts.

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