Spiner: 'Nemesis' Had More Emotion

By Antony
January 8, 2003 - 9:35 PM

Brent Spiner (Data) talked this week about the satisfaction he gained from working on the story for 'Nemesis' with John Logan.

"It's the first time I've written anything that's been made. It was great to be able to affect the script from the ground up," Spiner told Yahoo! Movies.

Spiner explained that the family theme was strong in the movie. "The whole film has a kind of umbrella about the family they have become over it; this family of the Enterprise.

"We wanted major changes to happen to this family, so we have a wedding and people leaving in more ways than one. I think it wound up having more depth and emotion than most of the Star Trek films have."

Spiner considers himself lucky that the role of Data has endured for so long. "I happen to have this good acting job that lasted a lot longer than anybody anticipated," he said. "I never thought about playing Data in any terms of being important. I just consider myself an average actor who managed to get lucky."

The full interview, in which Spiner also talks about the anonymity of makeup, can be found here. Thanks to the Great Link!

Star Trek X may have just started in theatres, but today the first big Star Trek XI rumor already appeared on the internet.

Earlier today, Ain't It Cool News published a report submitted by one of its visitors. The report said that Brent Spiner was interviewed on BBC Radio, and had talked about an eleventh Star Trek movie in which Data would take the limelight. The report quickly became the subject of discussion among online fans, but a spokesperson for BBC Radio informed TrekToday the rumour was untrue, and Brent Spiner had made no such statements on the radio station.

'Star Trek: Nemesis' is currently still playing in cinemas throughout the world. No news concerning 'Star Trek XI' is likely to come out for at least another few years.

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