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By Michelle
December 7, 2005 - 10:03 PM

  • The official web site for Patrick Stewart (Picard)'s A Christmas Carol is now open.

  • The trailer for Stewart's X-Men 3 has been released. USA Today has a first look at X-Men 3 too.

  • And BusinessWire reports that an audio recording of C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia narrated in part by Stewart is among the top most requested series of audio books at online audio book rental service Jiggerbug.

  • Robert Picardo (The Doctor) will play George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life at his hometown theatre, the Pasadena Playhouse, reports Sharon Lawrence, who appeared with him in Voyager's "The 37s" as Amelia Earhart, will play his wife the weekend of December 16-18th; other Trek alumni will also appear in the rotating cast.

  • BBC One has a description of Alexander Siddig (Bashir)'s upcoming Hannibal, which will air early in 2006. Thanks to Sid City.

  • Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper's ashes will be going into space on the same mission as those of James Doohan (Scotty), reports MSNBC. The flight has been rescheduled for early 2006 and will carry the remains of over 170 people.

  • TV Shows on DVD notes that the fourth season of Scott Bakula (Archer)'s Quantum Leap will be released on March 28th, 2006, and has a listing of the episodes.

  • "The City on the Edge of Forever" placed 28th on TV Guide's "100 Most Unexpected TV Moments", notes, which also mentioned that Shannon Cochran (Senator Tal'aura) would appear in Private Lives in New Haven, Connecticut as lead female Amanda Brynne; ticket information is here.

  • The Chico News and Review notes that a course on the physics of Star Trek will be offered at Butte College, where for one credit, students will watch episodes of the original series and discuss the validity of the science.
    Hereís question number one on the test: When under attack by enemy Klingon ships, would the U.S.S. Enterprise actually shake as if being dangled on a string by creator Gene Roddenberry?

  • The late, lamented TrekPulse has reorganised and reopened as

  • Sev Trek has posted the latest caption contest winner, answering the question of why padds are necessary on a ship with so many consoles.

  • Denver's WestWord brings word of a midnight screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in a mini-review of the popular movie.

  • Soul of Star Trek has a new column on "Looking for Star Trek, High and Low (Along With the Beatles, Herman Melville and Harry Potter.)"

  • The Space Review has an article on Star Trek's influence on real life spaceflight and vice versa.

  • And NBC launched a science fiction channel in France on Friday, reports Reuters.

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