Darby Recalls Appreciating 'Miri'

By Michelle
November 7, 2005 - 9:17 PM

Though Kim Darby finds it difficult to watch her old performances, she is fond of her appearance opposite William Shatner in the original Star Trek episode "Miri", in which she played the title character.

"I think the relationship between William Shatner and myself sort of clicked. In fact when I was sitting back there and looking at it, itís one of the easier things that I can look at," Darby said at her first UK convention appearance, last weekend's Cult TV Festival, reported Sci Fi Pulse. "It was the second [episode] that was filmed and everyone was very, very professional and took it very seriously."

Darby was 20 when she appeared on Star Trek and admitted that she doesn't like to watch herself on television. "Itís very strange, you know, looking at yourself," she explained. "I mean I find it somewhat embarrassing to look at myself; itís horrible." She has no regrets about having appeared on Star Trek, however, saying of the show's longevity, "I guess itís wonderful. I've never been to a Star Trek convention or anything like that but a lot of people have apparently enjoyed it."

Darby appeared in the first-ever TV miniseries, Rich Man, Poor Man as well as in a John Wayne movie, True Grit. She also appeared on The X-Files episode "Sein Und Zeit", though she said working on that series wasn't as enjoyable as working on older shows like The Man From Uncle.

"When you do an episodic show you do like six days and it was very hard for me to leave everyone that Iíd worked with," she explained. "I did 'The X Files' awhile back but it's not the camaraderie that you might have in some of the other shows which I used to play."

For more on Darby and the Cult TV Festival, see the original article at Sci Fi Pulse.

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