If Dominic Keating Could Be God For A Day...

By Michelle
November 7, 2005 - 8:32 PM

Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed) would like to make the world a better place...and he wouldn't mind driving a Lamborghini, the Star Trek: Enterprise actor admitted.

Asked by The United Federation of Planets of South Australia what he would do if he could be God for a day, Keating admitted that he was superstitious but "I donít know if I believe in God anyway." Then he said that he would like to "sprinkle some magic dust" where there is poverty and injustice and suffering. "Just look at the TV. The floods in Guatemala and the earthquake in Pakistan and Indiana and just now in America with the hurricanes in the gulf coast area thereís just so much."

As for himself, other than the fancy car, Keating said, "I am pretty good with the things the way they are I guess." Although, if he could "get to work with some people I really wanted to work with, yeah, I'd tack that on the end of ending world poverty." Though he admits that being an actor is stressful, he thinks that he would keep working even if money were no object: "It's also a great game and I get to travel a lot and, you know, meet people...and when you do work, you get to just play."

Asked for entertaining recollections from the set of Enterprise, Keating, like Connor Trinneer (Tucker) before him (story), described the day the cast regaled Scott Bakula (Archer) with a song he sang in a Canada Dry ginger ale commercial more than a decade before. "He comes swaggering in like the captain you know he's all good to do the scene, and then someone goes 'shhh' and this cheesy commercial and we all started dancing...you've never seen a grown man go so pure red in just an instant. It was pretty funny."

Asked about the fate of the Star Trek franchise, Keating said, "Goodness knows. They'll certainly put it on ice - I mean, Paramount owns this franchise and the name, but I donít know what the future will be for Trek." He believes that perhaps under the direction of a new producer, "it could be re-invented in such a way that it would attract, finally, a bright, young new audience that would take it to its heart as the older audience has already done." Keating has heard the rumours of a possible Starfleet Academy series but said that personally, he thought that CSI: Star Trek would be a better idea, "you go around the universe solving inter-galactic sci-fi crimes."

For more, including Keating's recollection of having malaria in Ghana, read the interview at The United Federation of Planets of South Australia.

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