BBK Responds to 'Subspace Echoes' Criticism

By Amy
November 7, 2000 - 6:57 AM

TrekWeb has posted a letter they received from a member of the Bring Back Kirk campaign in response to Fandom writer Ariel's most recent 'Subspace Echoes' column, which was rather critical of the whole idea. The letter begins with a request for equal time and why the author, Marc (one of the BBK officials) believes that Kirk embodies the principles of Gene Roddenberry, and from there goes on to debate a number of Ariel's points.

The first issue we have with the article is in how Ariel titled her diatribe "people who really need a clue'. We were unware of Ariel's infinite wisdow in clues, but clearly all that was demonstrated was a profound ignorance of our campaing and what we are trying to accomplish. We do have a clue. We have since that since Kirk's death, the television ratings have declined over 70 percent, using the numbers provided at We have seen Insurrection's movie grosses embarrass the franchise in light of their abnormally high budget. Star Trek fans are divided, and are a fraction of what they once were. Is all that due to the death of Kirk ? Probably not. But no single event in the Trek history has divided the franchise more. Whether intentional or not, when Kirk was killed off, in a useless manner, it was as if Paramount was telling original series fans that their patronage was no longer required. While that view is likely not the case, one cannot deny the decline of the franchise since Generations premiered. Well, some do, but the numbers don't support them. The return of Kirk may not save the franchise, but it would certainly go a long way to rebuilding a lot of the lost goodwill that occurred when the good captain was flung of that bridge.

For the full letter, click here.

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