Bakula Promises Happier, If Scarred, Archer

By Michelle
October 7, 2004 - 6:22 PM

Scott Bakula said that he expects Captain Archer to show his scars from the events of last season, but that during season four, "he's going to enjoy himself a lot more."

In a new interview with Zap2It's Kate O'Hare, Bakula said that at the start of the show's fourth season, he finally feels that Star Trek: Enterprise has truly found its place in the Trek universe under the leadership of executive producer Manny Coto.

"The initial year and the wanderings that we took in the first year were internal wanderings," he noted, adding that "We've adapted it to what's going on in the world...we have a better idea of what works in this environment, what shows people respond to." Last season, he said, fans took objection to some of the storylines, but he said he was pleased if people cared enough to get upset.

"We're the Prime Directive," stated Bakula. "These things don't happen overnight. You can't skip all the steps that we're in, on our planet right now." Then, echoing a much-debated theme of the U.S. election campaigns, he continued, "It's not the United States by itself; it's a global enterprise...I can't imagine being an idealistic politician in the world today, that dreams and hopes and has all the best intentions for humanity. I can't image that person surviving without having to make those deals [with the Devil]."

Though Archer is unlikely to date as widely as Captain Kirk famously did, Bakula also noted that although he does not expect his character to find "long lasting-love", he will have more fun next season than he was allowed previously.

The full interview is at Zap2It.

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