Westmore: Nosferatu Inspired 'Nemesis' Viceroy

By Christian
October 8, 2002 - 1:58 AM

Star Trek makeup supervisor Michael Westmore said today he drew inspiration for 'Star Trek Nemesis' from the classic horror film character Nosferatu.

"That's exactly what [director] Stuart Baird wanted," Westmore told the Sci-Fi Wire. "Stuart handed me a picture of Nosferatu and said, 'I need an alien that looks like this."

Westmore described the process through which he came at the design. "We designed the head and then the ears. That was neat, because Stuart said, 'I want to be able to see through the ears.' So I made the ears out of clear gelatin. If there's any backlight behind them, you can see through the ears. Then we painted veins on the back of the ears. So if there's any light showing through, you can see veining through the ears. I think the Viceroy is a pretty fearsome character, and Stuart seemed pleased with what he saw."

In the full interview, Westmore also discusses how actor Ron Perlman adjusted to the makeup.

Meanwhile, Paramount has released several more photos from 'Nemesis,' including several showing the aforementioned Viceroy and one featuring a look at Wesley Crusher in dress uniform. Below are two of these newly released photos:

'Star Trek Nemesis' - copyright Paramount Pictures'Star Trek Nemesis' - copyright Paramount Pictures

The full set of photos can be found here at TrekNews.de and here at UIP. Thanks go out to Dark Horizons and StarTrek.nl for this!

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