New 'Drive' And 'Repression' Synopses

By Christian
October 7, 2000 - 11:17 PM

Several new plot descriptions of upcoming 'Voyager' episodes have surfaced, courtesy of online television guides like ClickTV. Much of the general storylines of these episodes was already known, but some of the details were not known before. Take a look:

  • 'Drive', TV Guide:

    B'Elanna tries to rekindle the spark in her relationship with Tom Paris by enlisting as his co-pilot in a galactic rally celebrating a newly established regional alliance. But the two are about to be embroiled in intrigue designed to destroy the embryonic league.

  • 'Drive', ClickTV:

    When Tom Paris enters the Delta Flyer in a possibly deadly race and his relationship with B'Elanna Torres becomes shaky, he must take control of both situations.

  • 'Repression', Zap2It:

    After members of the crew are found unconscious, Tuvok leads a search for the mysterious attacker who seems to prey only on those involved in the Maquis resistance movement, including Chakotay and Torres. Although the victims make seemingly quick recoveries, events take an astonishing turn when Tuvok uncovers the identity of the predator who has left his prey with post-hypnotic suggestion to assume command of the ship by any means necessary

'Drive' airs on Wednesday the 18th of October, while 'Repression' airs a week later, on the 25th. Thanks go out to DangerMom for the 'Drive' info!

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