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By Amy
October 7, 2000 - 10:55 AM has recently put online the second half of the fan question and answer session with Star Trek Production Designer, Richard James. This week James fields questions on a variety of subjects, including the difference between working in tv and film, how he would change the Voyager layout and the Captain Proton and 'Unimatrix Zero' sets.

Question: Why is the design on Star Trek always so functional, so cold?

Daniel K.

RJ: I did, purposely, make it look cool. I went for a very cool palette because I wanted it to be a contrast to what the Deep Space Nine palette was. I didn't want it to look like Deep Space Nine, nor did I want it to look like the Next Generation.

Q: What was the most complex set you designed for Voyager?

James S.B.

RJ: Well, we started off the season with a very complex set because they wanted reflective walls ["Unimatrix Zero, Part II"]. In designing that I kept the reflective walls only on one side, the outside walls of the set so that the camera couldn't see itself. That would be one of the more complex sets.

Q: Are you going to miss your job when the series wraps?

Kathryn U., Sydney

RJ: Yes, I will be out of work! I feel very fortunate in having the career I've enjoyed because I get to do what I like to do. I will miss this, and I don't know what the future is. In showbiz, it can be almost anything!

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