'Imperfection' and 'Drive' News

By Amy
October 7, 2000 - 10:41 AM

UPN has posted both new photos and a synopsis for each of the next two upcoming Voyager episodes, 'Imperfection', in which Seven's cortical implant begins to fail and Icheb (oddly reffered to only as 'the Borg') attempts to save her, and 'Drive' where the rumors of an upcoming Paris/Torres marriage are confirmed.


'Imperfection' - copyright Paramount Pictures Seven's imminent core disintegration opens the door for another Borg to calculate the only possible solution - the transference of his Borg core to her. When Seven realizes the potential danger to his physiology she summarily rejects the proposal. But the Borg secretly disconnects his own cortical node so that his theory can be proved and Seven's life saved.


'Drive' - copyright Paramount Pictures An impromptu space race leads to foul play, danger, and a wedding when Tom Paris enters the Delta Flyer in a good-natured space race between former enemy factions. While his relationship with B'Elanna Torres endures a rough ride, Paris realizes that hardlined dissidents plan to explode the Flyer as it crosses the finish line. His only way out may be to take the reigns of both the ship and his personal life, executing a flawless evasive maneuver and a marriage proposal, simultaneously.

The original synopsis, in addition to two other new photos can be found at UPN. Please note that the above pictures are copyrighted by Paramount Pictures. Thanks go out to Doug Wilson for the tip-off!

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