LeVar Burton Interview

By Amy
October 7, 2000 - 10:04 AM

Voyager's Delights have posted an interview with LeVar Burton (Geordie LaForge) taken from the November 2000 edition of Star Trek: The Magazine. In the interview, Burton talks about numerous topics, including his TNG character's rather dismal track record in romance, his production company 'Eagle Nation Films', directing Star Trek and his new PBS children's show, 'Xylo Discovers'.

LeVar's directing career on STAR TREK continued beyond TNG and into STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE and STAR TREK VOYAGER. "I had some incredible episodes to direct on DEEP SPACE NINE," he says. "'Indiscretion' I thought was pretty cool; it was mostly Nana [Visitor] and Marc Alaimo. I had an episode with Worf on trial called 'Rules of Engagement.' Also 'Things Past'; that was an episode I call 'Nightmare on Odo Street.' And 'Soldiers of the Empire,' 'Behind the Lines' ... I've had some good episodes."

LeVar very much liked the landmark 100th VOYAGER show, 'Timeless,' from Season Five, which he directed; he also guest-starred as Captain La Forge. "I thought 'Timeless' was a really excellent, well written, well realized episode. It was outstanding. I had many conversations with Brannon [Braga], and I really felt, more than ever before, that I had an ability to impact the material. But I think that may be because, not only have I done so many of these things, but I've also gone off and done other projects, and I think they see my contributions in a different light now than maybe they used to.

The full interview can be found here at Voyager's Delights or, of course, in next months issue of Star Trek: The Magazine. Thanks go out to Qie for the alert!

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