Star Trek Guide Reviews Voyager Season Premiere

By Amy
October 7, 2000 - 9:44 AM

After promising a 'Unimatrix Zero II' review on Tuesday in her earlier preview of the episode, Julia Houston, the Star Trek Guide at, has posted it instead as her weekly article. Julia seems a lot more positive about the episode than several of her fellow reviewers, even to the point of calling it one of her favorite two-parters of all time.

It's official. This is my favorite "part two" episode in Voyager, and one of my favorite "parts twos" of all time.

The excellent story, great character interaction, and significant differences made in the Star Trek universe all help, but the key for me is simply that this episode was fun. The plot twists and turns came out of logical, believable complications, and I found myself really cheering people on, and caring about what was happening to them because it was interesting, not just because I've known them for so long.

Please, let's have more stories this season like this!

Okay, so first we deal with the fact that we have known since last season that Janeway, Tuvok, and Torres meant to be captured and assimilated, which left us with the question about how they were keeping their knowledge from the Collective. Sure, the Doctor's "neural suppressant" is a bit vague, but he's had plenty of time to work with Seven on developing it, and it only works with some nice limitations, including the fact that the Borg Queen notices that she's not hearing the Away Team's thoughts.

Poor Tuvok. I guess being a telepath makes the suppressant work less on him. Finally, something we can lord over the Vulcans!

The full review can be found here at's Star Trek Fans.

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