De Boer On 'Star Trek XI'

By T'Bonz
September 7, 2008 - 2:29 AM

Nicole de Boer wouldn't mind working on Star Trek again and is not afraid of being typecast.

As reported by GateWorld, de Boer's experience working on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was positive right from the beginning. "When I came on, Hans Beimler, one of the producers, said to me, 'This is really going to change your world," said de Boer. "This is really going to be crazy.' And I already had big garbage bags of fan mail on my first day at work waiting for me. So it is crazy, but I really embrace it. I love it. I love the fans."

A fan of the sci-fi genre, de Boer would have eagerly accepted a part in Star Trek XI. "I've always liked the genre. I was a big fan of 'Next Generation.' So I was pretty excited to be part of all of that. And I think that it's a great thing. I think the whole J.J. Abrams...gosh, I would loved to have been a part of that movie."

Typecasting would not be a concern for de Boer. "I really love being in space," she said. "It's been fun to do other things that aren't space all the time, but I'm quite comfortable in space. I enjoy it. And you know, you end up doing a lot of stronger things as a woman than just playing some guy's girlfriend or something, if you get guest spots here and there. A lot of times, non sci-fi it's not that gratifying a role, necessarily, to just be 'the chick.'"

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