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By Christian
September 7, 2000 - 11:03 PM

Over at About.com's Star Trek Fans, Julia Houston has put up this week's new feature article, entitled 'An Email by Any Other Name'. In it, she looks at some of Trek's more interesting gadgets:

Science-fiction's biggest draw is probably all the toys. Sure, aliens are cool, and the idea of traveling the stars is great, but it's the gizmos that really get us: the ray-guns and spaceships and subspace communicators and whatever that machine it is they came up with to make everyone look so great all the time.

Star Trek has the best toys. Other shows and films do the whole spaceship/hand weapon thing, but Star Trek offers a range of items not just for use in battles and floating around a room, but for daily living and convenience. More than any other dramatic presentation of our technological future, the world we see on Star Trek offers a convincing perspective on what it really might look like, once we beat poverty and poor education and disease and all that.

Some of the toys, however, are more convincing than others.

To read on, take a look at the full article.

Also new are two top-10 lists. First of all, there's a list of Advantages to Having a Klingon Counselor (including "Crazy captains instantly relieved of duty with blow to the head" and "'Regression therapy' means going around smacking people you don't like.") and a list of Federation Warning Labels.

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