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First Two Regular 'Enterprise' Episodes Spoiled

By Christian
August 7, 2001 - 9:14 PM

First details of the second and third regular episodes of Enterprise were revealed today, finally giving fans the opportunity to comment on another episode than the pilot, 'Broken Bow.'

According to the Star Trek Universe, 'Broken Bow' will be followed by an episode called 'Fight or Flight.' The site posted information for both this episode and an untitled third episode, based on information from an undisclosed "insider at Paramount." While caution should be applied, the Universe has been able to reveal plot information for both Deep Space Nine and Voyager over the past years, making it more likely that these new Enterprise spoilers are also true.

'Fight or Flight,' according to the Universe, will see the Enterprise find an alien ship drifting in space. When he does not get his hails answered, Archer decides to board the ship, against the advice of T'Pol. The away team discovers that the entire crew of the ship has been killed and suspended from the ceiling with hooks. They are being drained of their bodily fluids, apparently in order to win some kind of substance from them. When the aliens who killed the crew as well as the alien race that made up the crew return to the area, Hoshi Sato must find a way to communicate with them and avoid the destruction of the Enterprise.

In the next episode, the Enterprise crew will apparently encounter what they believe to be an uninhabited planet. But when they explore the planet, they encounter a hostile alien species - or so the crew believes.

According to the Universe, this episode will feature an example of the more primitive state of technology on Enterprise. When there is a major storm on the planet, it outright prevents a rescue team from landing, while in later series it would just have been necessary to recalibrate the inertial dampers. Moreover, when the transporters are used to beam a crewman off the planet in an emergency, the particle buffers are unable to detect the difference between the crewman and some debris in the stream. When the crewman materialises, he has chunks of rocks and leaves fused into his body.

In addition, the site revealed some new information about 'Broken Bow.' As previously reported, the episode will see a Klingon crashlanding in a cornfield in Oklahoma. According to the Universe, the Klingon is called Klaang, and prior to being shot and wounded by the farmer on whose land he crashed, he manages to kill the 2 Suliban who are pursuing him. 'Broken Bow' will air on the 26th of September.

As usual, please be aware that Paramount has released no plot information for any of the Enterprise episodes yet, and until this happens, any such information from unofficial sources should be treated as you would any rumour. For the original report on this, please follow this link.

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