Gaming Bullets

By Christian
August 7, 2000 - 9:26 PM

  • Simon & Schuster Interactive has announced it will be distributing some of its games using Uniloc technology, allowing computer users to try full unlocked versions of games, music, video or e-books for a limited time for free, before choosing to pay to get the permanent version.

  • GameSlice has put up an interview with Tim Russ, talking about 'Voyager: Elite Force' and his interest in games in general. Part two also features his thoughts on Voyager the show.

  • Evil Avatar has posted three screenshots and another set, again of three screenshots, from 'Voyager: Elite Force'.

  • Meanwhile, fifteen screenshots from the game (some of them the same as the ones seen on EA) are up at Sci-Fi Gaming.

  • And Gamespot UK has another two galleries.

  • Mr. Tea at the Corporation has written a review of Starfleet Command Gold, awarding it 3.5/5. It reads more like a review of Starfleet Command Regular Edition, though, as this is apparently the first incarnation of the game the reviewer played.

  • 'Star Trek: ConQuest Online' is awarded 1.5 stars in Tom Chick's review at CGO, according to the stars at the top of the review and its general tone, though the summary bar at the end actually says they're awarding it a 4 out of 5.
  • Collective Studios have released a Direct3D patch for 'Deep Space Nine: The Fallen', solving some of the game's video card issues.

  • Thanks go out to Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga, Blue and Evil Avatar for these items!

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