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By Christian
August 7, 2000 - 8:34 PM

Hello World!

Well, I've figured it out. Holland is in fact cursed. For three weeks, despite England's weird power outlets and my jury-rigged phone connection, my laptop held up without a problem. I'm back in the country for less than a day, and the stupid thing breaks down completely. I'd suspect it to be something in the water (which is indeed a lot less drinkable here than it is in the English countryside), if not for the fact that I doubt my laptop is drinking too much water - if it did I suppose that in itself would be explanation enough for the breakdown. Anyway, the laptop is now working completely again, so maybe I'll at least have a slight chance of catching up on everything. TV listing will return for tomorrow's update again, TT Classic is already returning today.

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Happy Birthday!

Today is the 49th birthday of Catherine Hicks, who starred in 'Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home' as Dr. Gillian Taylor.

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