Bakula & Trinneer Speak On 'Enterprise' Ending

By Michelle
July 7, 2005 - 9:23 PM

In new interviews, Scott Bakula (Archer) and Connor Trinneer (Tucker) said that they doubted Star Trek was gone for good and accepted the decision to put Enterprise into the broader context of the franchise in the controversial series finale, "These Are the Voyages..."

Speaking to Dreamwatch (via TrekWeb), Bakula noted that "Star Trek has been around for 39 years and is such a huge part of today's world...I doubt seriously it is over."

While he lamented the absence of a champion of the franchise at Paramount now that new executives have taken over the film and television divisions, he added, "The fans aren't going to go away. There's a desire for more journeys, whether it's with my crew or another crew or a new version of Star Trek."

Trinneer, whose character suffered an unexpected fate in executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga's "These Are the Voyages...", said he believed that the writers had a responsibility to bring Enterprise into "the web of the historical context of the Star Trek franchise in general."

"I'm flattered that the last episode is kind of about me," he said, though he also regretted the fact that it would indeed be the last. "They are bringing 'Riker' [Jonathan Frakes] and 'Troi' [Marina Sirtis] make a connection to the rest of Trek history and to bring [18 years of Star Trek] full circle."

The full articles are in the new issue of Dreamwatch magazine. These excerpts are here for Bakula and here for Trinneer.

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