Gaming Bullets

By Lisa
July 7, 2001 - 7:43 PM

  • There's a new review of 'Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars' up at Multi-Player Online Gaming. The review is not especially positive about the game, stating that "I don’t know what the hell is going on with the Star Trek Franchise, but I think that everyone that’s involved with licensing Gene Roddenberry’s dynasty should be lined up and shot." For the full review, in which the game is awarded one out of five stars, follow this link.

  • Dan Adams has reviewed 'Dominion Wars' for IGN PC.

    How could anyone go wrong with a game based on of such a great thing as the Dominion Wars? Well, I'm done with that game and I can't say I had any fun playing it. In fact, I probably had un-fun due to some really quirky controls and a severe lack of the soul that made the show so interesting.

    You can read the full review, in which the game is awarded a 5.8 score here at IGN PC.

  • The 'Voyager Elite Force Expansion Pack' is reviewed here at Source Magazine. The reviewer was very pleased with the expansion, and awarded it a 4 out of 5 rating.

  • New Zealand gamning site have also reviewed the pack. The site was less impressed with the game, awarding is a "Not Good' rating and two marks out of a possible five.

  • Giancarlo Varanini of Gamespot, has posted a review of 'Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates.'

    As a stand-alone expansion, Orion Pirates has plenty to offer. The game has all of the features of Starfleet Command Volume II--such as the full single-player campaign, skirmish, and tutorial modes--and it adds new skirmishes and playable pirate factions. More importantly, Dynaverse II works fine right out of the box and adds a great amount of replay value to the game. But, if you've played plenty of Starfleet Command Volume II, then you may want to avoid Orion Pirates.

    You can read the full review, in which the game is awarded a score of 7.9 here at Gamespot.

  • Steve Butts has also reviewed the title for IGN PC.

    It may seem as if that goes without saying but I really enjoyed this game just as a 3D, real-time version of Starfleet Battles. While the extra stuff in the game has a lot of potential, the real meat of this game is the tactical combat model. Luckily there's enough going on outside of that to give you a sense of continuity. Hopefully future versions of the game will bring that a little farther.

    You can read the full analysis of the game here at IGN PC.

  • You can view the latest weekly 'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' screen shot here at Bridge

Thanks to Blue's News for most of these items.

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