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Star Trek X Plot & Directing Rumours

By Christian
July 7, 2000 - 10:13 PM

Corona Coming Attractions, the site that first reported that John Logan is currently writing the script for the tenth Star Trek film, is now reporting some plot rumours on the movie. These in fact tie in with the same rumours that were reported a few weeks ago by IGN FilmForce and which have also been received by a number of other SF sites, concerning the death of Data. Here's what Corona had to say:

Apparently, Brent Spiner is involved in the the story/screenplay and one of focus of the story revolves around the death of Data. Spiner has often stated that he can't see how he can play an immortal android while he keeps aging. However, we will be introduced, in the story, to yet another alternate version of Data which is found, I believe, unactivated. In this way, if Brent has a change of heart in a later movie, they can bring in this 'new' Data for Brent to play.

Corona's original report can be read by following this link.

In addition, Chris McOuat at IGN Movies has posted a rumour stating that the director of the new Star Trek film will in fact be the same person who's writing it - John Logan. This would be a bit curious, considering that the script apparently is still being worked on and Logan has never directed before (though he did produce the 1999 film 'Bats'), but of course that's why this is still just a rumour. IGN's full report can be found here.

As usual, treat these items as you would any other rumour. Though the Data rumour has been heard quite a few times now, it could of course just have originated from one and the same person, and this is the first we've heard of Logan directing. None of this has been officially confirmed by Paramount yet.

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