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By Christian
June 7, 2001 - 8:12 PM

  • The official Star Trek site is reporting that William Campbell (Trelane, Koloth) is currently recovering from heart surgery. The TOS and DS9 guest star suffered a mild stroke in mid-May, and is currently beginning physical therapy at the Motion Picture & Television Hospital. It is not certain yet whether this year's FantastiCon, organised annually by Campbell, will still go forward.

  • Zap2It has posted a new interview with former Trek writer Ronald D. Moore, talking about the move of his new show Roswell from the WB to UPN. "The decision wasn't made until the night before they announced their schedule. There were many phone calls back and forth between me and [executive producer Jason Katims] and both of our agents, who were talking to the networks. I got the phone call the night before the upfronts, and that was it. Then I left for vacation two days later."

  • Corona Coming Attractions has a rumoured script review of 'X-Men 2,' which will be starring Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) as Professor X.

  • Rick Norwood at the SF Site has put together an episode guide for Voyager's seventh season, containing of titles, writing credits, a one-line synopsis and a rating. Norwood called this "by a wide margin, Star Trek: Voyager's finest season, due largely to the writing of Ken Biller and Robert Doherty."

  • Psi Phi has been updated with the full credits for 'The Voyager Conspiracy' and 'Lineage'.

  •'s Star Trek Fans has been updated with a new list containing the top 10 reasons to watch Star Trek and not West Wing. Here's one reason: "On West Wing, when some big-mouthed, spunky junior aide suddenly pipes up, there's a good chance they'll reappear in four weeks as a Republican glory-hound. On Star Trek, when some big-mouthed, spunky junior officer suddenly pipes up, there's a good chance they'll die in some horrible fashion before the episode is over."

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