Send A 'Good Luck' Message To Scott Bakula!

By Lisa
June 7, 2001 - 10:11 AM

Fans who want to wish the next Star Trek Captain well on his adventure have a new address to send greetings to. Scott Bakula's personal fan mail address has changed and is now available for fans to send along their best wishes.

Project Quantum Leap recently publicised a new address for fan mail to be sent to Bakula. You can reach the actor who will play Captain Jonathan Archer in Enterprise at this address:

14431 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 359
Sherman Oaks,
CA 91423

Fan mail to the other Series V actors can presumably be sent to the same address used for the other recent Trek series. This address is:

Actor's full name,
c/o the corresponding Star Trek series,
Paramount Pictures,
5555 Melrose Avenue,
CA 90038-3197

Messages to the creative staff of any of the series can still be sent via this page at the official Star Trek Site.

Please note that the actors are sent a large amount of mail from the fans and, although they do their best to respond, their busy schedules mean they may be unable to reply to every single piece of mail.

Actors in previous Star Trek incarnations have also received fan mail before they appeared on-screen. "It was very sweet and so odd to already have fan mail," said Nicole deBoer (Ezri Dax) in a 1998 interview at "It's nice, but it's scary that people already knew who I was, knew that I was playing Ezri and had bios of me on web sites."

In related news, there is another actor Trek fans might want to send some fan mail too; even if he has a very minor role.

According to the IMDB Enterprise page, an actor Steve Folger will have a role in the pilot episode as 'Ensign Joshua Clinton.' However, no other credits are listed for Folger, while the only other available information on him seems to be his date of birth and his height. This means that if this listing is legit, the actor likely only has a very small role in the pilot and may have added himself to the database. Of course, it could also simply be a prank, but in any case it seems highly unlikely this represents a major role.

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