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By Christian
June 7, 2000 - 11:47 PM

Over at Another Universe, Michelle Erica Green has put up a new edition of her Hailing Frequencies column, looking at how Voyager's sixth season turned out. Here's the introduction to her column:

Star Trek: Voyager's penultimate season wasn't its best, but it could have been a lot worse. There were some excellent episodes during season six - "Dragon's Teeth," "One Small Step," "Life Line" - which made up for stinkers like "Alice" and "The Voyager Conspiracy." Although the finale, "Unimatrix Zero," had some flaws, it also left considerable potential for the next and last year of the show. All in all, things are looking up on Janeway's island lost in space.

Any summation of a television series is inevitably going to be subjective, so let me state my prejudices right now. I believe any Trek series needs solid science fiction plots, a strong captain, and a spirited and comradely crew who are fun to watch even during hard times, with a decent dose of Gene Roddenberry's idealism. Voyager has scored very well on the UPN network criteria - superb babe factor by having Jeri Ryan featured front and center, excellent fighting factor by having The Rock guest star and Torres wrestle dead Klingons, decent Trek factor with guest appearances by Next Generation and Deep Space Nine alumni. But ratings gimmicks alone do not a series make.

So let's take the issues one at a time.

Find all these takes in the full column.

In another article, Kevin Dilmore at the official Star Trek site looks at the efforts undertaken by Paramount to restore the Original Series episodes for DVD release. Read all about it here.

Finally, Julia Houston at's Star Trek Fans has written a preview of the only site you'll ever need to visit again for all your merchandising needs:!

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