Klingon Language Institue Sets Up Scholarschip

By Christian
June 7, 2000 - 10:55 PM

StarTrek.com is reporting that the Klingon Language Institute has established a new scholarschip for linguists: the Kor Memorial Scholarschip. The scholarship was established in memory of John Colicos (Kor), who passed away on the 6th of March at the age of 71. The scholarschip is offered to aspiring linguists, and is being funded by sales from the 'Klingon Hamlet' book as well as auctions of rare StarTrek items on eBay.

The first recipient of the Kor Memorial Scholarschip will be announced during the Qep'a' (Klingon for 'Really Big Meeting'), taking place in Fort Washington, PA, from July 19-23. Meanwhile, several auctions organised by the KLI are still taking place on eBay, though at the moment no truly rare items seem to be on offer. Previously, however, these have includes signed Star Trek scripts and books.

More on the Scholarschip, as well as on the KLI itself, can be found in this article at the official Star Trek site.

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