ChumCity President Talks Voyager's 7th Season

By Christian
June 7, 2000 - 9:16 PM

Claire Bickley at the Toronto Sun has written an article about the fall television season presentation of ChumCity, a Canadian entertainment company. One of the television stations operated by the company is City TV, which shows new 'Voyager' episodes in many parts of the country.

During yesterday's presentation, the company's programming boss Jay Switzer made a rather major announcement regarding the series, saying that the show will return to Earth for the last half of its final seasons, showing viewers "Star Trek episodes like none of us have ever seen before".

Considering that this is the chief of programming of one of the major stations buying 'Voyager', it does seem likely that Switzer would have been told by Paramount during renewal meetings what the next season would bring. It would also seem to confirm Rick Berman's comments the 'Voyager' would likely end with a Final Chapter taking up the last third of the season.

On the other hand, Rick Berman and also Brannon Braga have said that, while they do have ideas on how the series will end, they're only still in the planning stages. Finally, UPN entertainment president Tom Nunan said during the network's upfront presentation that we would see whether Voyager would come home in a giant series finale airing during the May sweeps, so either statement could also just be designed to create extra hype for the final season.

Thanks go out to Cinescape for the lead!

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