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By Christian
June 7, 2000 - 2:06 PM

Hello World!

Acts of Great Stupidity, #1: Leaving a piece of paper in the pockets of your new dark blue jeans when putting them in the washing machine. I just finished removing 187 (I counted) pieces of paper, ranging in size from small to really small. Joy.

Trek BBS Today

Below are some of the topics currently being discussed at the Trek BBS:

-Are there any cut scenes from the Star Trek movies?

-What are some of your favourite moments from the Delta Blues Voyager reviews?

More topics can be found at the Trek BBS!

Today On TV

-At 9:00pm (8:00pm Eastern Time), UPN will be repeating Voyager's 'Dragon's Teeth'. Here's how UPN describes the episode:

'Dragon's Teeth' - image courtesy Vidiot, copyright Paramount PicturesEscaping from the superior force of the Turei, Janeway makes repairs while on a planet whose civilization lies in ruins save for a few hundred stasis chambers holding the slumbering remnants of an ancient culture thought to be extinct. While the captain seeks to form an alliance with them against the persistent Turei, she soon senses that her new allies might pose a greater threat than the enemy she knows circling above.

Thanks go out to Vidiot for the above image, which is of course copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

-In the United States, the Sci-Fi Channel will be showing the Original Series episode 'The Apple' at 2:00pm Eastern Time.

-In Canada, Space! will be showing DS9's 'Sacrifice of Angels' at 4:00am Eastern Time, the Original Series' 'Charlie X' at 10:00am and at 4:00pm, and DS9's 'You Are Cordially Invited' at 10:00pm.

-In the United Kingdom, BBC Two will be showing the Original Series episode 'The Man Trap' at 18:00 BST, while at 19:00 BBC One will be showing the movie 'Star Trek: Generations'. Thanks go out to Kathryn Hughes for this!

-In Germany, Sat.1 will be showing Voyager's 'In Furcht und Hoffnung' at 15:00 CET. This will be the last daily Star Trek showing on Sat.1 for a while, as from tomorrow on they will be showing repeats of 'Baywatch'.

-Here in The Netherlands, Net 5 will be showing TNG's 'Captain's Holiday'at 18:05 CET.  Thanks go out to for this!


Salvador Nogueira, science journalist for the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, sent in the following note about the recent story about scientists claiming they had broken the light speed barrier:

I would like to comment the story about the light barrier being broken. This story was already published, being discovered first by "The New York Times". I read it at this source, and became clear this doesn't open the possibility of a warp drive, or even, travel faster than light. That´s because they've accelerated the light, which has no matter at all. With matter, light speed continues to be the ultimate barrier, because of the mass increase during acceleration (which was tested experimentally already). So, the best way to associate the story with Star Trek would be to point out the creation of a "subspace radio", however the scientists also point out this technique wouldn't allow communication faster than light.

Thanks go out to Salvador Nogueira for this!

Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

What is your favourite recent 'Voyager' episode?
'Life Line' 35.2% - (522 Votes)
'Unimatrix Zero' 30.2% - (447 Votes)
'The Haunting Of Deck Twelve' 9.3% - (138 Votes)
'Muse' 9.2% - (137 Votes)
Didn't see any of the episodes. 9.2% - (137 Votes)
'Fury' 3.9% - (59 Votes)
'Live Fast and Prosper' 2.7% - (40 Votes)

Total Votes: 1480

This was the first in a series of polls looking back at Voyager's sixth season. Over the next two weeks, other polls will ask what you thought was the worst episode of the season, how many episodes of the season you saw, and what your overall grade for the season would be. In the end I'll combine it all into a large article. For now, please participate in our new poll, asking what you thought was the best episode of season six:

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