Advance Reviews Give 'Regeneration' The Thumbs-Up

By Caillan
May 7, 2003 - 8:14 AM

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Two reviews of tonight's Enterprise episode, "Regeneration", have appeared online, with both offering upbeat views on the first Series V appearance of the Borg.

'Hercules' at Ain't It Cool News said the episode's main attraction is its "Pandora's Box feel". "Audiences may find themselves caught up in a genuine sense of dread and alarm," he wrote. "The 24th century cybernetic organisms begin to assimilate elements of the comparatively backward 22nd century so quickly and brutally and efficiently, it begins to look as if they're going to be running the entire Alpha Quadrant within days."

The review praised the performances of both John Billingsley (Phlox) and Linda Park (Hoshi Sato) as "especially sharp", but 'Hercules' had some reservations about Phlox's solution to his assimilation. "Phlox's specific dilemma is compelling, to say the least, but it does strain credulity to suggest that he would be able to outmanuever the future Borg's nanotech so speedily."

"Regeneration" was awarded a score of 3.5 out of 5 in the full review, halfway between "actually worth your valuable time" and "better than most motion pictures".

Although heavily critical of Enterprise as a series, IGN FilmForce's 'KJB' found himself liking "Regeneration" because it was different from several other Series V outings. "The series breaks a number of its own rules," he wrote, "the teaser (the part of the show before the opening credits) has a little bit of intrigue and tension in it. Most of the first act keeps that momentum alive and we don't see a regular cast member until well into the act."

After the discovery of the Borg wreckage on Earth, "the plot launches into an entertaining if somewhat predictable pattern of events, leading to the inevitable confrontation between the Enterprise and a ship that has been commandeered by the growing ranks of drones."

Overall, 'KJB' said "the episode works" because it doesn't rely on many of Enterprise's established conventions.

The complete article, which also contains an assessment of Enterprise as a series, is available at IGN FilmForce.

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