More 'Unimatrix Zero' Spoilers

By Christian
May 7, 2000 - 4:18 PM

Michael Iversen at the Star Trek Universe just posted the following synopsis for 'Unimatrix Zero', finally revealing how the Borg 'relaxation area' and the starting resistance movement fit together:

Basically, Seven is pulled back to 'Unimatrix Zero', by another drone because they need her help. Unimatrix Zero is not a real place, but a sort of mental dreamscape. Roughly 1 in a million Borg have a defect that allows them to enter an altered state of mind while they regenerate. All these drones meet in what they call "Unimatrix Zero". It looks like a nice tropical forest, and everyone looks as they did before they were assimilated, because their bodies are really just projections of their mental 'selves' (sound familiar - "The Matrix" most have helped Braga a little here :-)). It turns out that while Seven was a drone, she also was a part of Unimatrix zero, and even had a relationship with someone there. When she finds this out, she runs away from the relationship.

Anyway, the queen finds out about this 'defect', and of course must destroy this last little bit of individuality that these few drones have. She begins dissecting drones with the defect in order to try to isolate the mental frequency that the drone meet on. The drones don't want this of course, but are powerless to rebel, because once their regeneration cycle is complete and they awaken, they remember nothing of Unimatrix zero. Janeway of course figures out a way to make is so they can remember, in order to start a 'Borg resistance'. While attempting to implement her strategy, Janeway, Torres, and Tuvok are captured and assimilated. That is how the episode ends. The Delta Flyer is also completely destroyed, never to be seen again.

This info came from the Universe's Voyager news page. Thanks go out to Gustavo Leao for alerting me of this!

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