Billingsley & Keating On 'Two Days & Two Nights'

By Lisa
April 7, 2002 - 10:21 PM

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John Billingsley (Doctor Phlox) and Dominic Keating (Malcom Reed) talked about the upcoming episode 'Two Days And Two Nights' at a convention this weekend.

"We just got back from Risa, mate! Just getting the photos developed as we speak!" Keating joked with the audience at the 'Salute to Star Trek, Farscape and Andromeda' in San Francisco; via a report at Trek 5.

"Connor [Trinneer] and I get into some fun... or trouble. And, all is not as it seems," Keating added.

"You'll be surprised to hear that many Enterprise cast members end up in their underwear on Risa," said Billingsley. "But not me. I'm the only Enterprise actor who hasn't been in their underwear yet this season." "And that'll never happen," Keating smiled.

Keating told the audience about an April Fool's Day prank the cast pulled on Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) "We'd discovered that years and years ago, Scott Bakula had done this, well, musical dance commercial for Canada Dry Ginger Ale. So we found a copy of the ad and managed to get it put up on the Bridge view screens when Scott wasn't there. We all had Canada Dry cans and when Scott came through the bridge doors for his scene, we all broke out into this 'Goin' Back To Canada Dry' song and dance!"

The two also talked about their favourite episodes of the season so far. "Those would be the ones that featured me the most," said Keating. "Yes, that would be 'Dear Malcolm'" joked Billingsley.

The complete report, including makeup, buying houses and more joking, can be found here at Trek5.

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