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G4 Announces Interactive Star Trek Episode Viewing

By Michelle
March 7, 2006 - 10:39 PM

The G4 network announced the world premiere of "Star Trek 2.0" - a 40th anniversary celebration of the franchise featuring airings of original series episodes with new interactive components.

In a press release reprinted at Yahoo!, the network promised Saturday marathons of uncut episodes and Monday-Friday regular broadcast at 11 p.m. Beginning on Monday, April 10th, G4 will invite viewers to participate in on-screen features such as live chat online, accumulating Trek Stats and a virtual stock market for characters.

An onscreen "frame" will present Trek facts including background information about the characters and actors. In addition, Trek Stats will tally classic Star Trek moments, such as Spock saying "logical", red shirts dying, Scotty warning Kirk about his engines and the like, with the totals increasing onscreen over the course of the season.

At the same time, viewers can log into a real-time chat room at G4 to respond to questions and make comments. Posts on subjects such as "Best Earth female to be trapped with" and "Top 10 psychic punishments" will scroll across the bottom of the television screen. In addition, the Spock Market - a stock market simulation - will allow viewers registered at G4's web site to use "credits" to buy and sell stock in characters and items on the series, from Captain Kirk and Uhura to phasers and the UFP. A real-time stock ticker will run on the television screen showing gains and losses based on things that happen to characters and items during the episodes.

More information is available at G4. The original article is at Yahoo!.

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