'New Voyages' Scripts To Be Penned By Trek Pros

By Michelle
March 7, 2005 - 10:51 PM

Original series writer D.C. Fontana will write the script for the fourth episode of fan-produced web series Star Trek: New Voyages, while Deep Space Nine writers Jack Trevino & Ethan Calk will pen its predecessor, the producers revealed this week.

In a press release sent to the Trek Nation and published online at the New Voyages Web Site, Cow Creek Films' Jack Marshall announced that the third and fourth episodes of the series will shoot simultaneously in September with scheduled release dates in 2006.

Fontana, who wrote such favorite episodes as "Journey to Babel" and "The Enterprise Incident", wrote for The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine as well as Babylon 5, The Six Million Dollar Man and numerous additional television series. The winner of Hugo and Nebula Awards among others, Fontana also wrote a Trek novel, Vulcan's Glory. Trevino wrote "Little Green Men", the DS9 episode in which the Ferengi land at Roswell, and "Indiscretion", while Calk wrote "Children of Time" and "Visionary".

Marshall cited budgetary reasons for filming the two New Voyages episodes back to back, since the cast and crew come from all over the globe to participate. "We have people from Canada, England and both American coasts who come together on their own dime to participate in something very special," he said. Filming will take place in September to allow sufficient time for pre-production.

Star Trek: New Voyages, which continues the missions of the original series with new actors playing Captain Kirk and his crew, has logged more than 16 million downloads to date. Eugene Roddenberry, Jr. is a consulting producer.

For more information, visit New Voyages.

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