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By Lisa
March 8, 2002 - 1:38 AM

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A week after the episode aired, opinions about 'Fusion' are still divided.

Four more reviews of the episode are now available. Here's a round up of some of their comments:

  • CJ Carter at ScoopMe thought the episode was a very effective one. "Astonishingly, the powers behind the scenes should be thanked for this episode. Not because of the episode, necessarily, but because they made T'Pol's pain our pain. If we hadn't grown to love the character as the season progressed, then this wouldn't have been nearly as affecting," she wrote.
    For the full analysis, follow this link.

  • "After seeing this episode, I now, along with Captain Archer finally understand the reasons that Vulcans meditate in order to control and suppress their emotions," wrote Amy Miller at "I used to think that was only melodramatic nonsense until I saw what anger and violence one Vulcan is capable of over what comes down to as rejection from the opposite sex."
    For the full review, in which the episode is awarded a Warp 5 rating, click here.

  • The Starfleet Com Net's Gisele La Roche was reminded of other situations and characters by the episode. "I also couldn't help comparing the episode to the ones where Voyager's Seven discovers her humanity or a new emotion. In fact, there were times in the show when even the music reminded me of Voyager and I found this disappointing and annoying."
    In the full review, the episode is awarded a C+ rating.

  • "Quantum finally finds some aliens he can't poison, disrupt, or use to make Trip great with child, but he still has major issues with them," wrote Keckler at Television Without Pity. "They're Touchy-Feely Vulcans (read: Romulans, in three hundred years), and one of them touchy-feels T'Pol some mind-melding roofies and lands her in Sick Bay with one mother of a love hangover.
    To read the full recap of the episode in which it is awarded a B- grade, follow this link.

More information about 'Fusion' is available in the Trek Nation episode guide.

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