Dawson Praises 'Enterprise' Cast After 'Vox Solis'

By Lisa
March 7, 2002 - 4:02 PM

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Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres) is full of praise for the Enterprise cast after directing the upcoming episode 'Vox Solis'.

"What a wonderful cast! They are a joy to work with," Dawson wrote at her official web site. "And I really have to take my hat off to Scott [Bakula] and Connor [Trinneer] who spent days suspended in harnesses covered in slime without a single complaint. They were somehow able to maintain their sense of humour under extreme circumstances."

The episode wasn't an easy one for its director either. "This episode was difficult, challenging and... well, at times I thought it was almost impossible," the Voyager actress wrote. "We had to create an alien organism which grows and takes over cargo bay, ensnaring some of the crew in its web. How do you create such a creature, make it believable and make it scary? Did we succeed?"

"Well, in the end, I suppose you all will be the judges," she added. "I am in the process of editing now and we still need to shoot additional scenes that require optical effects."

At a recent convention appearance, Dominic Keating (Malcom Reed) said that the Enterprise will be attacked by a "white squid-like creature" in the episode. Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) and Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker) hung from harnesses for hours wrapped up in a "white gushy thing" while the sequence was filmed (story).

Roxann Dawson's original comments on the episode can be found here at her official web site. Thanks go out to Louise for this news.

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