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Bryan Fuller, Marina Sirtis Talk Trek V

By Christian
March 7, 2001 - 11:44 PM

Preparation for regular production on Series V now seems well underway at Paramount, as the studio has not only begun to cast the main characters, but has also begun working on assembling the creative staff for the new show. According to an article on the Sci-Fi Wire, Bryan Fuller is one of the people who have been asked to join the show as staff writer.

"Brannon [Braga] has told me a little bit about the next series, and everything that he's told me sounds really exciting," Fuller told the site. "I hate to sound like the same old interview that people have seen time and time again, but he's told me some things in confidence that I can't discuss. But I think it will be very exciting. They'll be able to do things with the characters that a lot of the other modern-day Star Treks haven't been able to do. The characters will be much more accessible in a fresh way that the audience will be very excited about. And the premise is just very cool."

Despite this, Fuller is not certain yet he will be joining the staff, though he also said part of him would love to remain involved with Star Trek. "Voyager was my first job in the industry, and I've been working on it for four years," he explained. "[It] will be odd to leave the show. But on another level, it would be good for my career to leave the show, [...] to expand myself as a writer and continue to grow creatively. When you keep writing the same type of show over and over again, there is the danger of stagnating. But then again, [...] when it's science fiction, the lid is blown off any sort of limits, because there's a broad variety of stories you can tell: romances, comedies, high-concept science fiction. You have a freedom in science fiction that you don't have in, say, NYPD Blue."

The full interview can be found by following this link.

Meanwhile, one person who certainly won't be working on the next show is actress Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi), who this weekend was one of the guests at a Creation convention in Valley Forge, PA.

During her convention talk, she first said that she knows nothing about Star Trek X, and then said she had spoken to Rick Berman in the past month, who was involved in the casting for the 5th series. Sirtis said that Berman had told her she could not appear in the new show, as it takes place "in a different timeline".

Major thanks go out to Bernie Seilhamer for sending this in!

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