Gaming Bullets

By Amy
March 7, 2001 - 6:03 PM

  • In other gaming news today, there are two previews of another upcoming release, 'Star Trek: Away Team', one at Gamespot UK, the other at the Adrenaline Vault, the latter including a number of screenshots from the game. Both sites seemed relatively impressed by what they’ve seen so far.

  • In addition it its 'Away Team' preview, Gamespot UK also has a late review of 'Star Fleet Command II: Empires at War' by Darren Evans, who rated it a 6.7, disappointed by the single-player mode.

  • Gamespot UK also has a brief preview of 'Bridge Commander' by Jon Brown which doesn’t really contain much of anything about the game and six new screenshots from 'Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars'.

  • Stomped, on the other hand, has an interview with Raven Software project administrator Kenn Hoekstra on the new 'Elite Force' expansion pack. Of interest is the news that there’s no plans for a demo of the pack yet, that the Voyager cast will again be lending their voices for it and some talk on the other features we can expect. There will also be something of a tribute to the late Ray Walston, whose beloved character, Boothby, will be included in one of the new holodeck scenarios.

  • The official Star Trek gaming site has been updated with a new page on the 'Elite Force' expansion pack, which includes a new screenshot.

  • Finally, there’s some more information on the development of the 'Away Team' trailer over at Cyberlore’s official site.
Thanks go out to Blue’s News and Sci-Fi Gaming for some of these!

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