Major 'Dark Angel' Guest Role For Nana Visitor

By Christian
March 7, 2001 - 4:00 PM

Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys) is scheduled to begin filming this week for a major guest role on the Fox show 'Dark Angel'. She will be playing a character named Madam X in five episodes, including the season finale.

AntonyF over at's Star Trek Central spoke to Visitor's agent, who hinted that Visitor would play a rather mysterious character named Madam X. "I'm not allowed to tell you anything more about her," he said, "for reasons that will be pretty obvious. I think that's the whole hook to her character. People are not quite supposed to understand who she is."

According to STC, the first episode featuring Madam X will likely be 'Pollo Loco', airing on the 24th of April. In this episode, a "serial killer with a familiar signature" forces the series' main character, Max, to face the ghosts she thought she'd left behind at Manticore.

A week later the episode 'I And I Am A Camera' will air, in which "an apparent stalker turns into a seemingly superhuman ally when Max and Logan investigate a string of unexplained murders." STC speculates that Madam X could be the "seemingly superhuman ally", though of course this couldn't be confirmed yet.

Visitor may have landed the role in part thanks to former DS9 staff writer René Echevarria, who is one of Dark Angel's co-executive producers. Another Trek alumnus working on the show is John Savage, who played Captain Ransom in Voyager's 'Equinox', and is now starring as Donald Lydecker on Dark Angel.

'Dark Angel' airs every Tuesday at 9:00pm (8:00pm CST) on FOX.

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