Rene Auberjonois Talks 'Oasis' Role

By Lisa
February 8, 2002 - 2:09 AM

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Rene Auberjonois (Odo) yesterday talked about his role in the upcoming Enterprise episode Oasis. "It's an interesting, very nice character; I donít wear any heavy makeup. I'm an alien but I have, sort of, spots on my forehead so it took a lot less time than Odo," Auberjonois told TrekWeb.

Auberjonois plays Elcazar, the father of an alien woman who falls for Tucker. The episode will also feature a guest appearance by Hollywood Squares host Tom Bergeron as alien trader D'Marr (story).

"My two big scenes were with Scott [Bakula] (Jonathan Archer), which were great because he's one of the warmest, most welcoming [actors]. He has really influenced the whole feeling the show," Auberjonois said.

He spoke about the different approaches to taken by two different Starfleet Captains. "Compared to Avery [Brooks] (Ben Sisko), who was so intense and such a complex and dark character from the beginning - he didn't want to be there [on DS9] - and who went through such difficult emotional relationships, Scott is a more laid back, kind of humourous [and] more relaxed [captain]. I like that a lot. I think it's a nice twist on the captain," he said.

The actor also said that he would be interested in assuming the role of his Deep Space Nine character again. "I never say never but I would be very surprised if we ever saw Odo again," he explained. "I loved the character, if some way the opportunity presented itself I would have to consider. Why I choose to do things is a mystery to me sometimes; I've done things that on the face of it you think, 'why would anybody do 'Police Academy 5'?' I did it because it was an opportunity to play a character that nobody else was every going to let me play - I had a great time doing it, don't regret it for a moment and [would] do it again in a minute. I had to look at the role and see if thereís a reason to do it, and the same thing would apply to Odo."

More from Rene Auberjonois, including his thoughts on DS9 and his other roles can be found in the full interview at TrekWeb.

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