Keating Reveals His Most Embarrassing Moments

By Caillan
February 7, 2002 - 10:04 AM

Actors will often do anything it takes to get ahead and Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed) is no exception, with many of his most embarrassing moments occuring while trying to land a gig.

"I gatecrashed my first LA audition," Keating told Metro's James Ellis. "It was a Showtime equivalent of the Red Shoe Diaries called Love Street and, what do you know, I got the lead. I played an ex-pop star who's had one massive hit before drying up. His girlfriend died of a drug overdose in the middle of his fame and then, through the love of a very cute girl with fake bosoms, he manages to write another huge hit."

The show wasn't exactly the greatest success. "It read really well," the actor recalled. "Great pop star, fabulous house, he's really cool, makes love by a fireplace, his manager doesn't like what he's doing, he makes love by a swimming pool. You think it's very Al Pacino but, unfortunately, with a soft lens and commercials every ten minutes, it doesn't quite come together like that."

But this paled in comparison to Keating's drag act back in the 1980s. "We were called Feeling Mutual!" he said. "Am I a fool for telling you about that one? Oh, who cares. I made my professional debut doing a drag act. I got my Equity card doing it. We first performed at the Vauxhall Tower, in 1985 or 1986. We were a double act, me and a boy called JonJon who I met in my dance class at the time."

The full interview, in which Keating also talked about Klingons and life after Enterprise, can be found here.

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