'Sleeping Dogs' Judged Mediocre By Critics

By Caillan
February 7, 2002 - 10:01 AM

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Although they all seemed to agree the episode had its moments, most reviewers ruled that last week's 'Sleeping Dogs' was an average Enterprise outing at best.

A roundup of the latest analyses posted online can be found below:

  • Over at TrekWeb, O. Deus said the episode was "entertaining enough, but not particularly original," adding that the Klingons didn't prove very effective. "If the Klingons are to become the enemies of Starfleet once again," he wrote, "the angry neo-Viking Klingons of the TNG era may need to be replaced by the cunning and ruthless TOS Klingons who would actually be worthy enemies for the Enterprise crew." The full review can be found here at TrekWeb.

  • "The one thing that stood out to me in this episode was the 'two-dimensional' nature of Scott Bakula's character, Captain Archer," wrote Gisele La Roche at Voyager's Delights and LCARSCom.net. "I know Bakula is a good actor as I've seen him in other productions but in this series so far, save for a few moments here and there, the actor doesn't seem to have a feel for the character he portrays." To read the complete review, in which the episode was given a C grade, head over to Voyager's Delights.

  • Tim Lynch at Psi Phi also found 'Sleeping Dogs' rather mediocre. Here's an extract from his review:

    This seemed a fairly low-energy episode: the direction was a bit too flat, most of the actors seemed as though their hearts weren't really in this - most of the show just sort of plodded along. The show gets some points for not really doing much "wrong" per se and for the Hoshi material, but for the most part this is all pedestrian at best.

    In the complete analysis, the episode was awarded a score of 5 out of 10.

  • Although he liked some of the character development, 'YASA' at TrekPages.net couldn't muster up much enthusiasm for 'Sleeping Dogs.' "After all the good TV I've watched in the past few days, this barely registers on my radar," he wrote. "Not that it's bad, but it is paint by numbers. Watch it once; it does have some good moments. Just don't go out of your way for it." The full review, in which the episode scored +18 on a scale ranging from -100 to +100, can be found here.

  • "I can't say I was very impressed with 'Sleeping Dogs,'" wrote Donna Dickensen at Project Quantum Leap, giving the episode 7.5 out of 10. "The episode was very slow. The tension was not appropriately built to where it should have been. I did like the B story featuring Hoshi and T'Pol. Now that Hoshi is getting her space legs, T'Pol is gaining more respect for her. Their relationship as the two senior female officers of Enterprise has great potential." Go here to read more.

  • Television Without Pity's 'Keckler' awarded 'Sleeping Dogs' a D grade. His full recap of the episode starts here. [Warning: There is an image on this web site that some visitors may find offensive.]

  • Breaking off from the pack, CJ Carter at ScoopMe! praised the episode. Here's an extract from her review:

    With but one nit-picky exception, this was a finely-crafted and delivered episode. For three non-sweeps episodes, we've had good character development from the regulars, the technobabble is kept within reason and isn't just a plot device, and the danger was a fair SF danger that didn't rely on the bumpy-foreheaded-alien-of-the-week

    Read the rest of the analysis at ScoopMe.

More information on 'Sleeping Dogs' can be found in the Trek Nation episode guide.

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