'Shuttlepod One' Promo Released

By Caillan
February 7, 2002 - 8:39 AM

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'Shuttlepod One' promo photo - courtesy Outpost6, copyright Paramount Pictures

UPN yesterday released the trailer for next week's Enterprise episode, entitled 'Shuttlepod One'.

In the episode, Tucker and Reed are stranded alone in a shuttlepod when they return from a routine mission and become convinced Enterprise has been destroyed.

A digitised version of the 30-second promo is available for download from Outpost6. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:

[Shuttlepod one flies through an asteroid field.]
Reed (off-screen): "Personal log, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, November 9th, 2151."
[Reed and Tucker sit in the shuttlepod wearing away team jackets.]
Reed (off-screen): "By the time anyone hears this..."
[Reed sits in the shuttlepod recording his log, with Tucker in the background.]
Reed: "...Commander Tucker and I will be long dead."


[Tucker sits in the shuttlepod, looking very grim.]
[Reed and Tucker gaze off-screen.]
[The shuttlepod flies off into the distance. In the foreground, there is a piece of hull bearing the insignia NX-01.]
Reed (off-screen): "It is my intention to recount the events that led to the destruction of the starship Enterprise."
[Sepia flashback: Archer in his ready room.]
Reed (off-screen): "I lost nearly everyone I cared about on that ship."
[Sepia flashback: Mayweather turning from his console.]
[Sepia flashback: Hoshi in the briefing room.]
[Sepia flashback: Phlox in sickbay.]
[Sepia flashback: T'Pol standing above Reed, gradually moving her lips towards his.]
[Reed scans the roof of the shuttlepod.]
Reed (off-screen): "We've got less than two days of air left."
[Tucker also moves around scanning the shuttlepod.]
[Reed sitting in the shuttlepod, recording his log.]
Reed: "May God have mercy on our souls."
[The shuttlepod flies off into the emptiness of space.]

The 30-second 3.1 MB Quicktime trailer is available for download from Outpost6 and here at TrekEnterprise.net.

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