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Berman Talks Trek X and Series V

By Amy
February 7, 2001 - 6:30 PM

Rick Berman, who, with Brannon Braga, is in charge of bringing us both a new movie and a new series, recently spoke with the magazine, "Star Trek: Communicator", for Issue number 131. In a wild break from the apparent vows of secrecy he and his fellow producers were holding to back at the recent Television Critics Association press conferances and other previous interviews, Berman actually reveals some new and interesting information on what’s in store for us – and when.

Starting off with Sereis V, Berman is fairly confidant that it will actually make it’s debut in Sept or October of this year – more or less eliminating the short hiatus many were expecting the franchise to take. How this will be managed if the threatened writer’s and actor’s strikes go ahead is unknown. He also confirms that not only has the Series V script been completed, but that it has received a “postive” response from Paramount and the full pilot scrip has undegone some alterations, with the second draft currently back in the hands of the powers that be. Also, despite recent rumorus that a number of other networks were interested in the new series, he said that "strong possibility the new series could air on UPN." Unfortunatly, this may not be a wise move with the long-term future of the fledgling network uncertain despite it’s recent successful negotiations with Chris-Craft to maintain it’s affiliates. While we should hopefully be able to expect the tones of the previous series reflected in the show – of course, with a new twist – we may have to get used to the idea of it not being a Star Trek series – at least not in name, as there is apparently a definite possibility that they may have a title that does not includes the words "Star Trek." As to the writers, we should be seeing a mixture of old and new and that he hopes that the pilot script is a "Roddenberry script," though what exactly he means by that is uncertain.

Over to the movie Trek X, he offers only a few bits. First, that while the Romulans will definatly be appearing in the new movie, they won’t be the main villians – it will in fact be a single person rather than a race, as implied by scriptwriter John Logan’s previous comments about a worthy adversary for Captain Picard. Also, it appears we could be seeing in the Romulans something akin to they mysterious transformation undergone by the Klingon race from their appearance in TOS to the warriors we know and love today – he told the Communicator that "there will be some surprises so to what the Romulans will look like."

We’d like to thank Matthew J. Klaehn of Media Trek for sending us this information.

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