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By Amy
February 7, 2001 - 4:06 PM

Hello World!

First that fire and now this... I'm not feeling all that well today, so forgive the short column... again. Why can't I have weeks of blissful, erm, non-eventfullness? Or some wonderful person to give me a nice, long back and shoulder massage? Well, I suppose one can dream.

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On TV This Week

Tonight at 9pm, UPN will be showing a new Voyager episode, 'Prophecy'. Here's how they describe the episode.

this image is copyright of Paramount PicturesWhen a nomad band of Klingon come face to face with a pregnant B'Elanna, they misconstrue her child to be their long awaited Messiah, and resolve to follow the baby to their destiny. Confronted with the disruptive reality of housing over 200 itinerant Klingon aboard Voyager, Torres and the forward thinking Klingon leader, Kohlar, devise a plan to relocate the group to a suitable planet using their own scriptures as a catalyst

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