'Tales Of The Dominion War' Announced

By Caillan
January 7, 2003 - 1:45 AM

Pocket Books will release a new anthology of stories set during the Dominion War next year, author and editor Keith R.A. DeCandido announced today.

Entitled 'Tales of the Dominion War,' the anthology will contain twelve stories by sixteen Trek writers, according to a post by DeCandido at the Trek BBS. DeCandido will serve as editor of the anthology, currently scheduled to be published as a trade paperback in summer 2004.

'Tales of the Dominion War' plans to widen the scope of the war beyond Deep Space Nine. "There are still many tales to be told," DeCandido wrote. "Some of those were chronicled in the Next Generation books in the 1998 'Dominion War' tetralogy by John Vornholt, the 2002 TNG novel 'The Battle of Betazed' by Charlotte Douglas and Susan Kearney, and the 2002 eBooks S'tar Trek: S.C.E: War Stories' by yours truly.

"But that still leaves many other stories to tell. The fall of Betazed (mentioned in 'In the Pale Moonlight'). The Breen attack on Earth (briefly seen in 'The Changing Face of Evil'). What were the other characters in the Star Trek universe doing during the war? What about the Klingon and Romulan POV? Or even the Jem'Hadar's?

"[...] Having not only written plenty of Trek fiction but also edited over a dozen anthologies, I have the happy task of assembling this collection of twelve stories that show the war effort from multiple viewpoints. 'Tales of the Dominion War' will endeavor to at least touch on every aspect of the Trek universe, both televised and in prose form."

The list of authors currently scheduled to contribute includes several well-known Trek writers:

  • Greg Cox ('The Eugenics Wars,' 'The Q Continuum')
  • Peter David ('New Frontier,' 'Imzadi')
  • Keith R.A. DeCandido ('The Brave & the Bold,' 'Diplomatic Implausibility')
  • Michael Jan Friedman ('Stargazer,' 'Starfleet Year One')
  • Dave Galanter ('Maximum Warp,' 'Ambush')
  • Robert Greenberger ('Doors Into Chaos,' 'Enterprise Logs')
  • Jeffrey Lang & Heather Jarman ('Immortal Coil,' 'This Gray Spirit')
  • David Mack ('Starfleet Survival Guide,' 'Wildfire')
  • Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin ('Rogue,' 'Cathedral')
  • Josepha Sherman & Susan Shwartz ('Vulcan's Forge,' 'Vulcan's Heart')
  • Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore ('Interphase,' 'Foundations')
  • Howard Weinstein ('The Covenant of the Crown,' 'Enter the Wolves')

DeCandido is the author of several Trek books, including 'Diplomatic Implausibility,' 'Demons of Air and Darkness' and 'The Brave and the Bold, Books 1 and 2.' He also co-created the 'Starfleet Corps of Engineers' series and penned the comic 'Perchance To Dream.' DeCandido's editing credits include 'Virtual Unrealities: The Short Fiction of Alfred Bester' and 'Urban Nightmares.' Further information on his work is available at DeCandido.net.

The original announcement can be found here at the Trek BBS.

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