Gaming Bullets

By Amy
January 7, 2001 - 5:05 PM

  • ZDNet: Gamespot has posted a thorough preview of upcoming Deep Space Nine strategy game, 'Dominion War'. They believe the game, which is due to be shipped in about 2-4 months, could well be a big hit.

  • There is new manual describing how to make cut-scenes for level designers up online over at 'Deep Space Nine: The Fallen' support page.

  • The official 'Elite Force' site has completed it's walkthrough of the game.

  • Xtreme Gaming Radio reviewer Ultramag has posted his take on 'Star Fleet Command II - Empires at War'. He rates it an 8.5 out of ten, listings pros as "many play modes, strategic depth, good campaign mode", while some cons are a "steep learning curve and some confusing menus".

  • The next 'SFCII' review comes from the Daily Radar. Barry Brenesal rates it a hit, calling it better than the original and "easy to play, very tough to master and nearly impossible to put down."

  • Michael Ahlf of Glide Underground has posted a review of 'Deep Space Nine: the Fallen'. Rating it four stars, he thought it had a great storyline and gameplay, but there were problems with some of the animations.

  • Secondly, GamePen has posted their own review of the game, rating it 3.5 out of 5 stars with the biggest downside to the game, apparently, being the lack of Avery Brooks.

  • Meanwhile, over at Mac Central Online, Danilo Campos has posted a review of 'Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force', oddly enough, for the Mac, and he seemed quite pleased with it, though he didn't rate it.
Thanks go out to Blues News and Kim Koops for some of these!

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